Please meet my dear friend, social media.

My love affair for social media started way back in my high school years when I was introduced to livejournal. Granted I mostly wrote about dances, dudes and drama, I still blogged my thoughts and constantly browsed my friends’ feed for theirs. This was the beginning.
From there, I’ve grown to love the social media world and what type of exposure it provides for your thoughts, ideas, overall your brand as a person. I can only imagine the infinite possibilities of how effectively social media can be used to increase the brand awareness of a product, in fact, I’ve seen it done.
Not to mention how incredibly cost-effective social media can be. There are literally hundreds of ways to utilize social media varying in hundreds of different target audiences that are completely cost-free and hundreds more for a low fee, relative to the millions of dollars you’re paying for other emerging digital media exposure.
So why aren’t agencies jumping on board to take part in this marketing phenomenon?

Is it the amount of time needed to manage the accounts?

Is it the lack of knowledge?

Is the sheer number of social media outlets too overwhelming to bear?

So many companies, especially in this recession, are still trying to figure out what the most cost effective way is to use their dollars to target the 18-35 year old market, when the answer seems so simple to me. This generation is tech-savvy and always looking to experience new online environments, so why not at least experiment with social media technologies as a marketing tool?

Whatever the excuse is, I’m looking forward to seeing more and more agencies, large and small, add more social media to their flowcharts and thus join this wonderful marketing opportunity that so much of us are already apart of. Kudos to the groups that have already taken full advantage of this opportunity.

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