How Twitter made me chase down Ellen

Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m a twitter fanatic, but I do “tweet” and browse updates regularly and today was one of those days. With 3 other browser tabs open, not really paying attention, I see the following twitter status:

@TheEllenShow: First 5 people to show up to the bean with garbanzo beans wins tickets to my show go now!

I had heard Ellen was coming to Chicago soon. She’s here now? Oh my gosh! This is my chance! I grabbed my keys and purse and literally was out the door in 4 seconds.

As I was ran down my stairs, I thought “Garbanzo beans… garbanzo beans… do they sell those at Walgreens? No, Kellee, think. Grocery store! Across the street! Go!” In and out. Yucky garbanzo beans? Check. Ellen, here I come!

I jumped in a cab and yelled (politely) at the driver “Millennium Park as fast as you can humanly function”. Then I looked at the time. 5:30. Shit, rush hour. I’m never going to make it. As I’m trying to convince myself that Chicagoans are not twitter savvy and I actually have a chance to be one of the first five, the cabbie asks in his (Indian?) accent:

Cab driver: Why are you going to the bean so quickly?

Me: I’m trying to win tickets to the Ellen show.

Cab driver: (laughs) What are your odds?

Me: They get better everytime you blow a red light. Please drive faster.

Cab driver: Why you holding can beans?

Me: Ellen said to bring them.

Cab driver: You’ve talked to Ellen?!?

Not wanting to explain Twitter to a middle-aged cab driver, who under my gross generalization probably has a hard time working his Razr phone, I tune him out and look out my window. He took Michigan Ave? Are you serious? Kellee, why weren’t you paying attention? It’s packed. I pay the man and jump out. I’ll take my chances on foot.

As I’m running down Michigan Ave, I realize that I conveniently forgot to bring my Asics and sports bra in my frantic rush out the door. My flip flops and sundress are not exactly sprint-worthy. Hard Rock Hotel, almost there! Keep going. Man, I really need to up my workout routine. I mean, I jog regularly, but this is so much harder when you’re actually chasing something. I start to envision Ellen waiting for me with open arms, tickets in hand. I run faster.

After my 5K in flip flops, I finally get to the bean, run up the stairs beans in hand and start searching. And there I see her…Ellen… waiving goodbye… walking away. No!!!! Wait!!!! I had to buy the beans!! I hate garbanzo chick bean peas!! Why couldn’t you have asked for kidney beans?? I shouldn’t be penalized for having good taste in salad toppings!!! No!!

Luckily, her PR team was still lurking around for the late-comers and I gave them my info in case extra tickets become available. I get home and the ice cubes at the bottom of my glass haven’t even melted yet.

Moral of the story: Social media can change your life when you’re not expecting it. Ok, maybe just your day. Ok, maybe just an hour.  But I can now officially use the phrase, “Twitter made me do it.”



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