10 fool-proof gifts for women (under $25)

I’m coming up on several female birthdays in my life and I felt necessary to write this post to help out clueless buyers and steer them away from the typical thoughtless soap and body lotions in a horrific mixture of berry-floral-patchouli scent. Some guys (and girls) need some help, here’s what I suggest:

1. A bottle of wine
As long as they’re of age, you can’t go wrong with a nice bottle of wine for a birthday present or to give to the host of a party. Bonus points if you know your girl’s favorite type/brand.

2. A good book
If you know this girl even a little bit, you could probably take a good guess at what she likes to read. Best-sellers lists and classic fiction novels offer safe reading choices.

3. Magazine subscription
I love getting this gift and it’s so easy! Buying a year-long subscription to a popular magazine is a “treat” women LOVE, but often don’t feel they need.

4. DVDs from the sale bin
Pick out 2-3 DVDs from the huge sale bins at Walmart or Target that usually go for $5 each. If you look hard enough, you can find some cinema gold in there.

5. Starbucks gift card
Again, this is an indulgence women often feel they don’t need, but would absolutely love to receive. Try something great when you bought the card? Write a beverage suggestion on the gift card for an added treat.

6. The gift of life (flowers, herb garden pots)
Ok, maybe it’s not as dramatic as it sounds, but I always love getting flowers. If your girl’s not a flower girl, a nice alternative is a potted green plant that she can set in her window and that will last a lot longer.

7. Personalized stationery or notebooks
If your girl works in an office or with clients like I do, she sends hand-written thank you notes. Personalized letterheads and envelopes are available for cheap on homemade sites like etsy or you can get crafty and make your own monograms using a rubber stamp.

8. Movie gift cards
Even if your girl doesn’t frequent the movies often, this is a great way for her to enjoy herself with the guest of her choice. Individual movie theater cards are available as well as generic version from fandango.

9. Lottery tickets
Who wouldn’t want the chance to win the big bucks? So she doesn’t win? Who cares. She probably still had fun scratching off the ticket in anticipation and dreaming about how she would spend the money.

10. Homemade dish
If all else fails or you’re completely broke, make her some homemade baked goods or meal. Don’t worry if your skills are less than stellar, she’ll appreciate the effort and that it came from the heart.

What did I miss? Ladies, what do you like to get for a birthday or holiday?

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3 Comments on “10 fool-proof gifts for women (under $25)”

  1. Ali Pitt Says:

    Awesome suggestions! (although sometimes that soap and body lotion is exactly what I want.. as long as it’s in the right scent) My mom gives me lottery tickets in my stocking every year for Christmas. I think I won $5 once, but I still love them! I really like what you have to say. Bookmarking you right now.

  2. What a great compliment! Thanks! You’re right on the lotion too, as long as your giver knows what scent you like. Guys are the worst! “Oh, she’s love anything from bath and body works!” Yeah, except it’s a glitterific cotton candy candy scent. Didn’t the pony on the bottle hint to you that any girl over 15 probably shouldn’t wear this? Sorry, now I’m just ranting. : ) Have a great day, Ali!

  3. Yeah I totally agree- these are all really good suggestions that I would never think of (go figure!) I’ll have to give a couple of these a try. Thanks in advance, these are going to make me look good haha.

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