The end of my Pandora road is near…

So even though I recently confessed my love for Pandora, I was a little disheartened recently when I received an email detailing how I am approaching my listening limit. Apparently, Pandora gives you 40 hours of free listening radio bliss per month, which seems like a lot, but not when you work at a desk for 40+ hours a week and Pandora is your way of drowning out ongoing telephone conversations from your cubemates.

Now I have 3 options:

1. Pay $0.99 to continue listening for the remainder of August, just so I’ll receive the same email 30 days from now

2. Pay $36 to listen without limits, plus the promise of some cool (not mentioned in the email) features

3. Do nothing, and by nothing I mean switch to Slacker Radio until I can Pandora again

Maybe I’m just being dramatic, but I really don’t see how Pandora would think anyone would pay for their services when there are other services available for free. I mean I enjoy listening to the random tracks they throw at me based on my previously-rated selections, but I wouldn’t describe it as a $36 a month worth of happiness. Would you pay the $36/month for unlimited online radio?

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6 Comments on “The end of my Pandora road is near…”

  1. Ryan Meray Says:

    It’s $36 per year for the premium tier, which has a bunch of features but they may not be worth the extra $2 per month. One of the biggest benefits to the premium tier is zero advertisements and better sound quality.

    The idea is that $1 a month is a drop in the bucket for a service that’s so enjoyable. The record industry has made it very difficult for Internet radio stations to stay afloat and Pandora has been in their crosshairs since the beginning. There are alternatives to Pandora, but none of them have the sheer comprehensiveness of their music library, which has lots of independent musicians that aren’t available on other ‘net radio stations.

    Just my $0.02.

    • Good point. I’m not really into independent musicians, I’m more of a mainstream music type of girl, but I could see the appeal if I was really into a certain band and Pandora was the best at playing related mixes. I’d happily give over my $1 and continue listening for the remainder of the month. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Jacob Stahl Says:

    Slacker does have about four times as much music in their library as Pandora – and the free version doesn’t have any monthly time limits.

  3. I like Slacker too. I’ve become more familiar with Pandora just because I’ve been using it longer, so I gravitate Pandora naturally, but I wouldn’t have a problem switching to Slacker to avoid the costs. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dave Peckens Says:

    Yup. I subscribe to Slacker Premium, but not Pandora One. With Slacker you can custom create your own stations and dive deeper into what is heard. Plus you get UNLIMITED skips and there’s no cap on how long you can stream.
    I do bounce back to Pandora some days. Their pool of music and genome seems a little bit better. But I can’t stand only having 6 skips per hour.

    • The skips rule bother me too. I always feel like I have to plan accordingly to accommodate for moody Pandora: “Do I really not like this song? Enough to use one of my skips??” Thank for your comment, Dave!

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