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Product Review: Samsung Epic 4G

September 24, 2010

Over Labor Day weekend, I re-upped my contract with Sprint, traded in my old Samsung Instinct and bought an Epic 4G, a member of the Galaxy S phone family. Before I go into the pros and cons list, I must say that I am very satisfied with this phone and it has saved me a lot of frustration in only the short month that I’ve owned it. Here’s my scoop:


  • Speed- Fast doesn’t really describe it, I think instant is a better word. The hummingbird processor allows the Epic to have minimal if any wait time between selections.
  • Android Market- So many apps to choose from, most of them free, ready to be downloaded.
  • Screen- The Epic screen is brighter and more vibrant than every other phone I’ve held it next to, even on it’s power-saving mode.
  • Keyboard- After 2 years using the touchscreen on my Instinct, it didn’t always work properly, which could be really frustrating. I still use the touchscreen keyboard the most, but I’m glad I have the slide-out qwerty keyboard as a backup.
  • Swype- If you don’t know what Swype is, click here. This is probably my favorite feature on the phone. Not only is it convenient, but really fun to use. I feel like I text more now because of it.


  • Size- The Epic is quite bulky. It really only fits into my pocket when I’m wearing sweatpants. For guys, obviously it’s another story, but for the ladies, I would say this is an “in-the-purse” type of phone.
  • Price- It’s the most expensive of all the Galaxy phones with an additional costly data plan. In my research, however, it was still comparable to the Verizon and AT&T – iPhone data plan.
  • Battery- With all the bells and whistles on the Epic, the battery does burn out quickly compared to older phones. I’ve combated this problem by getting an extra car battery charger, and it really hasn’t been that much of an issue. Also, using a task manager that kills your the apps you aren’t using is helpful.
  • Proximity- Even though I know the feature is included, I’ve hung up on several calls because my fat cheek hit end call on my touchscreen. It could just be my phone, but I’m a little disappointed in this feature.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend the Samsung Epic 4G phone to my friends that I know would take advantage of its features. Do you have an Epic or an Evo? What do you think?

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