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Earth Day 2009

April 20, 2009

In honor of Earth Day which falls onĀ April 22nd this year, I’ve posted the trailer for Disney’s new feature film, Earth, which follows a family of polar bears, whales and elephants on their journey across the planet. Not only does it remind us to take care of our planet, it’s also narrated by James Earl Jones, aka Mufasa. Disney will plant a tree for every ticket bought to see Earth for one week starting on Earth Day. How great is that! Here are 5 things that I will be doing to take part in the celebration:

1. Reusing a water bottle

2. Buying fruits and vegetables in season at local farmers’ markets

3. Unplug appliances instead of just turning them off- you WILL see in a decrease in your electric bill

4. Run, ok walk, to the store

5. Use transit!- hey, just because I’m forced to doesn’t mean I can’t feel good about saving the planet


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