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Shrinking attention spans still advertised to

October 27, 2010

Associated Press just came out with an article about how :15 TV broadcast spots have taken over the typical :30 spot in commercial segments, which took over the 1 minute spot decades ago. The :15 spots are, in fact, cheaper, but now we’re being told they’re more effective than their longer counterparts. Interesting.

This kinda changes the game in terms of content. That means that messages have to be even more edited and direct that ever. No schmoozing, no background, just clear, concise messages about the product. Also, with cheaper :15 spots, advertisers can spend more on the frequency in the media buy to hit the consumer with repetition of their message.

Personally, I see the appeal. I’m more likely to read a tweet with 70 characters rather than the whole 140. I’m more likely to open an email with a strong short subject line. But TV and radio spots have been typically delivered with more content and imagery to develop the tone of the ad. Maybe it’s not necessary anymore.

I also can’t help but wondering if this trend will continue. Will our attention spans get even shorter? In 5 years, will the :8 spot be most popular among consumers? At what point does the commercial become too short where the message is not conveyed at all? One could argue that with the rise of DVR and TiVo recording systems, television broadcast ads will be obsolete in a few years anyway, right? So are we just condensing TV ads down to nonexistence?

What do you think? Do you shorter ad messages work better on you? Or are you craving more content?

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My Twitter Cloud, Part 1

May 9, 2009

Pretty interesting to look at it this way… these are all the words I  tweet about. It almost looks too smiles and roses. I need to start shifting my twitter focus to more hardcore subjects. I can’t believe there’s not one swear word on here. In due time…

Expect a follow up cloud in a few months to see my progress.

 ad added ads advice agree amazing answer apparently april beautiful  biggestloser birthday boys campus carter channel cheer chicago class congrats currently dancing  day definately detroit didnt different directory  does doesnt dollar dr dream dress  early earth  economical er experience favorite follow fools fun game gay getting glad going good graduate great green guys happens happy hate havent having heard help home hot house huge interesting interview job   know little living lol  lose love loved loves makes man maybe meal media men miami michigan miss moms mothers network new nice  night  oh online oprah people person post puppy question reading really  redwings resignation resume right rt run season shamrock skinny  social somebody sorry spartyon spike spring springcleaning st  stars start state stops summer thing think tips today tonight tr  travel tweet twitter updated want watching way ways weather weekend whats wish women work x9rmk year yey youre

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