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Meatless Mondays are still going strong

October 11, 2010

I have to admit, it has been difficult to keep this Meatless Mondays promise that I made to myself. It has, however, made me much more observant of what I put in my body, which is why I wanted to start this thing in the first place. It’s also forced me to try vegetarian options at restaurants I normally would have passed on. Over the past five weeks since I’ve began this adventure, I’ve learned:

1. Tomatoes are good, I mean really good. I was always a tomato fan, but now I’d say I’ve crossed over into the obsession realm. I eat tomatoes with mozzarella and basil, sliced tomatoes with cucumbers and light ranch and good ole plain cherry tomatoes on the reg, not just on Mondays.

2. I look forward to Mondays now…because of sushi. As I’m driving home from work on Mondays, I call my favorite local sushi restaurant for a take out of one California roll and one Alaskan roll, hold the wasabi. The trick to find a local sushi restaurant you actually like, and, yes, it may take some time. My advice for finding a good sushi spot is that you get what you pay for- it may be worth it to spend a little more money. Once you find one you like, ask about lunch or weekdays specials.

3. My body actually craves vegetables. Especially after I eat something sugary, I can feel my body wanting something leafy, something green, something healthy to balance it all out. Thought veggie cravings were some sort of pregnancy-only myth (Nope, 112% positively not preggers), but I kinda like the feeling that my body naturally reaches for asparagus.

4. Meat tastes so much better when it’s forbidden. I appreciate my Tuesday night steak dinner and my Thursday lunchtime turkey sandwich 10 times more when I know there is a time when I can’t have it. You want what you can’t have, right? Same principle works with Channing Tatum.

5. My lunches are more interesting. Lunch is my biggest meal, mainly because I’m running around after work and I wake up too late for breakfast. Thus far, my Monday mid-day cuisines have included butternut squash soup, Zoup’s lemon lentil soup, Unagi rolls, avocado spring rolls, salmon Caesar salad, Veggie Jimmy John and Panera’s roasted tomato and broccoli cheddar soup. Not too shabby. Veggie options can be exciting and flavorful, who knew!

Anyone else trying the Meatless Monday trend? Or have any vegetarian recipes I should try? Leave them in the comments section, please and thank you.

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