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I dare you not to smile while you’re watching this

March 10, 2010

Adorable puppies + slow motion = Viral Gold

Along with sex, probably the most sure-fire way to market a product… and I’ll bite every time. Enjoy the next 90 seconds of your life, you’re welcome.


Share the (blogger) love!

March 10, 2010

This just in! I’m working on a guest post for a Greek community blog to represent my company. I’ll post the link in an upcoming post, right after I muster up some inspiration from my tall nonfat chi latte.

Marketing & Promotions, Michigan Avenue style

October 26, 2009

 VS Mich Ave

Ok, ok…I know I look a little cheerleader-esqe in this picture, but you’ll get why I needed to channel my high school dance team days in a minute. Victoria Secret displayed their “wings” on Michigan Avenue (yes, Heidi’s ginormous 80-pound angel wings) to promote the grand opening of their new flagship store on the Magnificent Mile this weekend. Of course, they needed a smiley, bright street team to wear some Vicki’s gear and spread the word- this is where I come in.

Besides the bitter cold and rain combination (and homeless men who tried to steal our pink-striped umbrellas), I actually had fun this weekend. The whole point was to pass out VS gift cards and take pictures of people in front of the wings that they could then upload to the local promotional website, but I had more fun talking to tourists than anything. Sure, I was being used to give directions and my opinions on the local pizzerias most of the time, so what. Who cares! I met the funniest people (don’t worry, I twittered everything). I even met this couple from Ireland who offered me a room at their home whenever I wanted to come hang out in Dublin. (Speaking of, I have their contact information, right?)

And course, there were the Navy guys who just HAD to stop by and see us. An actual direct quote from a 20-year old sailor from Alabama: “That is the biggest darn thing I ever did see!” He wasn’t talking about the angel wings, he was talking about the Hancock Building but it was still in his little southern drawl and it was still adorable.



Well, I can check off street team experience in my advertising repertoire. At least I’m getting to be extremely well-rounded in this industry.

Free Coffee Ad in Students’ Powerpoint Slides

June 1, 2009

Coffee Company in the Netherlands is giving away free coffee to students who sneak in a branded slide into their homework PowerPoint decks.
— via Media Post

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I think this will just attract more students to advertise the slide in their powerpoints because we all know how college students feel about free anything- it’s pretty much their entire collegiate goal to collect as many freebies as possible whether it be t-shirts, beer or body lice. And how do their professors feel about this slide? Will they get docked points? In a Communications (or related) class, I could see this as completely acceptable, however, I can’t see this flying with “Prof. No-Fun” in a Microbiology class. I would be very interested to hear their point-of-view.

5 Questions Your Boss Will Ask You About Social Media

April 30, 2009

Suggest adding social media to your marketing budget and here are 5 questions you are bound to get from your boss:

1. What’s so special about it?

What’s so special about quarter-page B&W newspaper ads that are almost always printed blurry? Whether we like it or not, newspapers are a dying medium and everything’s going digital. Reach these online markets in the best way possible. Social media is a way to market in a smart, direct and personal way that has been producing increasingly effective results at a staggering rate. Do the research, you’ll be surprised.

2. Isn’t it expensive?

Social media is one of the least expensive tools you can use in the marketing industry. Most sites are free or have minimal costs for upgrades or optimal accounts. Even if you’re in the mindset of time=money, you’ll still be getting your dollar’s worth. 

3. Who is going to manage it?

Large and small companies alike are joining the social media revolution by using their own marketing team or advertising agency to run their social marketing executions. Depending on what your goals are, it is very possible to start implementing a program with a single social marketing employee aka me.

4. How does it produce results?

Like I mentioned earlier, the stats are there. Social media can generate higher sales simply by creating brand awareness and communicating services and promotions to a specific or general audience. The good news is that social media is continuing to grow and it’s not just for college students anymore- I was on the bus yesterday into downtown Chicago and overheard two Golden Girl-aged women have a conversation about who they’re following on Twitter.

5. When can we start?

Here’s where you can say: Right away! Try not to be surprised when a raise comes your way for suggesting such a great idea.

Please meet my dear friend, social media.

April 10, 2009

My love affair for social media started way back in my high school years when I was introduced to livejournal. Granted I mostly wrote about dances, dudes and drama, I still blogged my thoughts and constantly browsed my friends’ feed for theirs. This was the beginning.
From there, I’ve grown to love the social media world and what type of exposure it provides for your thoughts, ideas, overall your brand as a person. I can only imagine the infinite possibilities of how effectively social media can be used to increase the brand awareness of a product, in fact, I’ve seen it done.
Not to mention how incredibly cost-effective social media can be. There are literally hundreds of ways to utilize social media varying in hundreds of different target audiences that are completely cost-free and hundreds more for a low fee, relative to the millions of dollars you’re paying for other emerging digital media exposure.
So why aren’t agencies jumping on board to take part in this marketing phenomenon?

Is it the amount of time needed to manage the accounts?

Is it the lack of knowledge?

Is the sheer number of social media outlets too overwhelming to bear?

So many companies, especially in this recession, are still trying to figure out what the most cost effective way is to use their dollars to target the 18-35 year old market, when the answer seems so simple to me. This generation is tech-savvy and always looking to experience new online environments, so why not at least experiment with social media technologies as a marketing tool?

Whatever the excuse is, I’m looking forward to seeing more and more agencies, large and small, add more social media to their flowcharts and thus join this wonderful marketing opportunity that so much of us are already apart of. Kudos to the groups that have already taken full advantage of this opportunity.

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